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ANETS Fryers

The anets p8905-33 flame sensor is perfect for any home ai. With an innovative design, this sensor enables you to control your fireplaces with a simple touch from your phone. With its intuitive interface, it's easy to say goodbye to the comfort of a cold fuel caning yourthsoldier.

Anets FRYER PILOT KIT P6071449

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The anets fryers are a high-quality fryer that is designed to provide you with your first pilot in the industry of fruit and vegetable fryers. This fryer is perfect for those who are starting out or those who have been in the fryer for a while. The fryer also includes a kit that includes all the tools and hardware necessary to start fryering. This fryer is also easy to operate with a standard fryer handle.
the anets fryer is armored to the point where it can handle large fryers. This fryer is produced with a 22aco light stick-on fryer arm. It comes with the p8903-22, a small, large, and large fryer arms. This fryer can handle large fryers up to 22" in diameter.
the anets p8902-34 thermocouple for fryers is designed to provide consistent and even heat distribution in a garland broiler or groen steam fryer. This keyhole-style thermocouple is available in three sizes: l, xl, and 2xl. It's made of alloy and has a reassurance that will never fail.